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Award-Winning Chartwells Launches Mood Boost Program

Posted Date: 08/27/2023

Congratulations to our food service partner, Chartwells K12, for being named ACCOUNT OF THE YEAR for the South Central Region! The South Central Region consists of seven states and 130 school districts, so this is quite an accomplishment.

On August 23, Chartwells launched its Mood Boost program by allowing students to try a Strawberry Avocado Smoothie. Students at the Hot Springs School District will soon learn that healthy eating patterns can give them an emotional boost. This initiative is another way the HSSD and Chartwells K12 are ensuring students leave the cafeteria happier and healthier than they came in.

Designed by chefs and dietitians for elementary- and middle-school students, Mood Boost is a seven-week program that features interactive experiences, tasty new menus and fun characters that focus on six moods: Strong, Alert, Happy, Calm, Smart, and Confident and which foods can boost them and why.

Chartwells K12 chefs will cook up healthy meals while educating students about the relationship of food to mood and the importance of healthy eating through engaging demos, fun activities and collectible giveaways. Here’s some examples: 

  • Strong: Beets – maximize oxygen uptake for optimal physical performance
  • Alert: Milk – important for memory, awareness and learning
  • Happy: Yogurt – linked to feelings of joy and positive well-being
  • Calm: Dark leafy greens – nourish the nervous system to reduce anxiety
  • Smart: Beef – assists oxygen flow to brain
  • Confident: Citrus fruit – creates collagen for healthy skin, hair and nails

Mood Boost Program

Children enjoying the Mood Boost Smoothies