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At the Hot Springs World Class High School, we pride ourselves in truly being a place for every student. The high school is a 10th - 12th grade campus, and is located at 701 Emory Street.  Our high school prides itself in doing whatever it takes to prepare students for their journey after graduation. Whether a student is hoping to go to college, enroll in a trade school or vocational program, enlist with a branch of the Military, or begin a career after graduating, our staff teams go above and beyond to give them the knowledge, skills, resources, and experiences that can best prepare them for success. 

Trojans take care of each other. We have a well-balanced, spirited culture here that provides for memorable traditions and experiences for all. To make sure we are reaching every student, we also have an organization, club, or activity for kids of all interest areas.
The Hot Springs World Class High School is a conversion charter school to allow for career academies preparation and pathways. Students have opportunities to explore career-specific courses so that they can begin learning now which skills they excel at, and which interest areas they enjoy. Our teachers, Counselors, and Administrators spend dedicated time to make sure we are building plans that allow our students to excel academically and emotionally.  
We have relationships with the National Park Technology Center (part of National Park Collecte), which allow our students to earn concurrent credit as they move closer to graduation, and qualify for NPC scholarship programs.
Across the HSSD, the International Baccalaureate Programme curriculum offers students the opportunity to participate in internationally recognized curriculum that challenges students to inquire, engage, and improve the world around them from their youngest years. The IB Diploma Programme and Career-related Programme offered here at our high school offer some of the most rigorous and academically challenging college preparatory courses available at this level. 
Being a Trojan means you are accepted for who you are, AND you are provided with as many opportunities as you want to grow and learn as a young adult. We are the Hot Springs World Class High School, and we are a place for everyone.